Photo Gallery | Woman Loses Boyfriend and Dog in Same Week

Maria Johnson lost the love of her life last week and now she's lost her best friend.

Luna, a four-year-old female husky, was boarded "somewhere in Jacksonville," according to Johnson. Luna was boarded by her doggy dad, Stephen James Moore, who passed away in a motorcycle crash last week, while Johnson was out of the country.

“I don't know where she is, and I know that I have to find her because she's waited for him probably,” said Johnson

The couple rescued Luna from the St. Johns County animal shelter in April.  Johnson said she was in Europe dealing with a family emergency when Moore crashed his motorcycle and was killed just south of St. Augustine.

Maria found out about the accident on the internet.  To add to her pain, she has no idea where Luna is.

"Well, since I can't get Steve back, at least I can hope I can get Luna back,” she said.

Over the last week, Johnson has called numerous clinics and kennels hoping to find out where Luna is.  She found old receipts where Moore boarded Luna before.  She called the kennels, but they don't have her.

The four-year-old, 60-pound husky has brown eyes and does not have a micro chip.  Johnson said she doesn’t know where to look for her anymore.

“I would like to take her with me cause I'm gonna go back to Europe and it's our dog.  She's waiting for him.  I need to do that,” said Johnson.

Johnson said Luna is all she has now and giving up is not an option.  “She is everything right now.  She means, him.  So, I have to find her.”

If you have any information on Luna's whereabouts, please contact First Coast News at and FCN will put you in touch with Maria Johnson.

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