Photo Gallery | Cloudy Skies Before The Nor'easter Arrived

SOUTHERN ST. JOHN'S AND PUTNAM COUNTIES- Late last week, after days of clear cool weather, the clouds and storms began to gather over the First Coast skies. The communities were preparing for the gusty winds and rainy wet weather to come over the weekend.

All of these pictures were taken across the south west part of the First Coast as the clouds began to build up and the showers started to slowly creep in. They were not taken in any particular place, just where the skies were pretty or interesting and I had a moment to admire.

Here on the First Coast [all across the area] we are still feeling the effects of this system that passed over throughout the weekend. There is still debris scattered across streets and yards from strong winds ripping across the area. Large trees have absorbed a lot of water in the past few days of rainy weather. Even though the winds have died down significantly, large trees have absorbed so much water and are so heavy, they are still breaking and falling. Be aware of dead limbs and falling trees, on foot and while driving. I hope everyone enjoys these pictures taken as the area storm started to creep in late last week.There is still plenty of standing water across the area as well.

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