Photo Gallery | Nor'easter Weather & Weekend Waters

ST. AUGUSTINE AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS- The recent weather pushed ashore by the early October nor'easter system over the weekend left it's mark in many ways across the First Coast.

The sight of fallen trees, downed power lines causing power outages [accompanied with the sight of power crews working vigorously to restore power], neighbors cleaning up debris blown in their yards, debris in roads around every turn, and heavy beach erosion have all become quite common sights across the area after this storm.

The high surf, strong gusting winds, and heavy downpours have also taken their toll on homes, trees, beaches, and the roads with flooding in some areas and erosion on the beaches.

Needless to say the extreme conditions have left the First Coast quite a mess.

The weather took a toll on the Marine Wildlife local to the area as well. Some of the birds on the beach were in a  crazy feeding frenzy eating fingerling mullet schooling under the Matanzas bridge. Some of the birds did not survive the strong winds and traffic. One was rescued, and many tried to seek shelter from the wind on the Matanzas Bridge.

All of these pictures were taken between Friday October 7th before dark and Sunday October 9th across the Southern First Coast Area. They depict the windy stormy conditions across the First Coast over the weekend on the waterways and roads, and the commotion with the marine birds on the Matanzas Bridge Saturday afternoon.

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