Lee's Impact Gulf Coast Beaches - TAR

Lee's Impact Gulf Coast Beaches - TAR

While the North East United States are still feeling the impact of the remains of Hurricane Lee with heavy rains and dangerous flooding, the Gulf Coast in Florida and  Alabama are feeling much different effects of the aftermath. The churning storm in the Gulf Waters have cause tar balls to accumulate on the beaches in Florida and Alabama after the rough storm churned up surf along the beaches.

BP Officials and the company claim that it will take days to determine if the oil came from last years massive spill in the Gulf, but locals residents have been skeptical about the extent of the cleanups success, despite the months of cleaning. The express their emotions very honestly in the video above. Despite the "confusion" of where the oil "came from" BP workers used fishing nets to scoop up the tar balls anyway.

This leaves the question, just how much oil remains on the floor of the Gulf, and will The Gulf Beaches and Waters ever be the same after the massive spill?

Ponte Vedra Woman Dies After Breathing Toxic Fumes At McDonald's

Ponte Vedra Woman Dies After Breathing Toxic Fumes At McDonald's

According to Authorities, an 80 year old Florida woman died after becoming ill from breathing toxic fumes in a South Georgia McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant.

The woman who died early Thursday morning was identified  as Anne Felton, 80 of Ponte Vedra, Florida by Poole County Police Chief Mark Revenew.

Mrs. Felton and her husband were eating at the restaurant when the incident occurred. The cause of death has yet to be determined, pending an autopsy.

Mrs. Felton was one of ten victims who were treated medically for inhaling the toxic fumes. The threat of toxic fumes was detected when two Firefighters found two customers unconscious in the restroom in the restaurant, and others having difficulty breathing. Two of the ten victims were admitted to the hospital for treatment, and the other eight were treated and released.

New Book Says Ugly People Should Be A Protected Class

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Have you ever felt your looks have affected your life?  A new book called, "Beauty Pays" claims ugly people just have it tougher. 

University of Texas economy professor and author Daniel Hamermesh said, ugly people could make $230,000 less over their lifetime, versus their better looking peers.  He said if a majority considers someone to be ugly, then, he probably is.

But some people take issue with the book.  Rina Stermilla said, "I definitely don't agree with it."
Stermilla is a financial planner in Jacksonville.  She said in her business, looks don't have anything to do with money.  "The ugliest ones have way more money than the pretty ones."

Missing Charter Boat Capitan Found Safe

Missing Charter Boat Capitan Found Safe

Three men were on the water aboard the Cedar Roost Sail Charter heading north toward St. Augustine from Ponce Inlet Monday when the 22 foot vessel  was hit by a large wave  sending the Captain overboard.

The other two passengers contacted  the Coast Guard around 5:00 p.m and the boat and helicopter search for the Sail Boat Captain, Brian Oliver, 45 of St. Augustine began and continued late into the night.

The boat was anchored off and remains off shore. With no knowledge of how to maneuver the vessel the other two passengers were taken to the Coast Guard Station Ponce De Leon Inlet in New Smyrna Beach.

Gopher Madness

Gopher Madness

Florida is Famous for many  things.

There is one unusual thing that brings people to Florida and that is the REPTILES!

Most people see the reptiles that are native to Florida in Zoo's and Animal Farms, but there is that rare occasion where you catch them in their natural habitat.

One native Florida reptile has been catching my attention in it's natural habitat more than any other in particular this spring and summer.

The Florida Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoises are hard to spot in their natural habitat because they dig deep, long burrows in the ground in the dunes and forrest.

A Gopher Tortoise can easily be identified by it's appearance. They have large heads, long front legs with big claws for burrowing, and their skin can range in color from light grey to dark brown. Their back legs are shorter but also have large sharp claws. Their shell can be up to 12 inches tall and 14-15 inches long.

Wednesday's BIG Catch

Wednesday's BIG Catch

In Florida we share our waters with and interesting and intimidating reptile, the Florida Alligator.

While most people would steer clear of a swamp monster this size, a group of local trappers were proud of today's catch.

Alligator hunting is permitted in Florida, but under strict guidelines. A "Limited Entry Permit" is required, and there is a lot of red tape to cut through to get one, if you are even lucky enough to receive one.

There are also strict rules and guidelines to abide by as well. All of this information can be found at :

It is not everyday you come across a catch like this, or the chance to take an up close look at such and interesting creature.