Irene's Impact on St. Augustine

Irene's Impact on St. Augustine

As the rest of the Eastern Seaboard evacuated, or hunkered down for Hurricane Irene the scene was much different on St. Augustine beach Saturday.

The Beaches in St. Johns County appeared to be business as usual in record breaking heat Saturday in the Oldest City.

Beach ramps on Anastasia Island were re-opened for driving, with the exception of the ramp at Matanzas.

Sea Turtle nests were marked, as the Nesting Season on our beaches took the brunt of the storm due to high tides and beach erosion, which seemed to be the extent of the damage that the beaches suffered.

The over all mood was a sense of calm after preparing for the unexpected with a slow moving, rapidly intensifying storm moving in this direction all week.

Local surfers took advantage of the great surf, and curious on lookers came down to the beach to see what damage was done to the beaches after dodging Irene.

Hurricane Irene: East Coast States Prepare for Impact

Hurricane Irene: Here is a state-by-state glance on how Hurricane Irene is predicted to strike states all along the Eastern Seaboard as of Friday evening: 


- Forecasters predict Irene to make landfall on Sunday somewhere between New Jersey and Cape Cod. Forecasts placed the storm's track through central parts of Connecticut.

- Hurricane warning has been issued for coastal Connecticut.

- Mandatory evacuations have not been ordered.

- Last hurricane to hit was Bob in 1991.

- Officials warned Irene was likely to cause prolonged power outages and flooding in low-lying areas along the shoreline.

- Governor urged anyone living in areas that have flooded in the past to seek shelter elsewhere.

Storm May Toss Sea Turtles Ashore; How to Help

Storm May Toss Sea Turtles Ashore; How to Help

As waves from Hurricane Irene pound sandy Atlantic beaches along Florida’s east coast, they bring more than debris to shore. Small sea turtles carried from their offshore homes of floating seaweed can be cast up on the beach by the waves.

Green, leatherback, hawksbill and Kemp’s ridley turtles are federally endangered species, and the loggerhead turtle is a federally threatened species. As a result, people wanting to help these creatures should be aware of some requirements so they don’t find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) does not recommend going to the beach specifically to search for and rescue stranded sea turtles. However if you are on the beach and see a small sea turtle onshore that is obviously stranded and not attempting to move into the waves, please be aware of the following:

St. John’s County Beaches to be Closed to Vehicles due to Hurricane Irene

St. John’s County Beaches to be Closed to Vehicles due to Hurricane Irene


Beginning Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning, St. Johns County beaches will be closed to vehicles and the St. Augustine Pier closed to pedestrians due to the high tides and strong winds from Hurricane Irene.


Although Hurricane Irene remains approximately 200 miles off-shore, local impacts are expected to include surfs in excess of ten feet through Friday and into Saturday morning, as well as wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour.