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"Know Your Zone" during hurricane season

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - Do you "Know Your Zone?"

Officials with St. Johns County Emergency Management want every resident to know in which hurricane or tropical storm evacuation zone they live.

"It's important for them to understand if they're in an evacuation zone A, B, C, D or E and when we call for that evacuation, that they're ready to move," explained Linda Stoughton, Deputy Director. 

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Zone A includes homes and businesses closest to the coast. Zone B is a little further inland and so on. Some homes or businesses may not have an evacuation zone if they are far enough inland and not as prone to storm damage.

To help people identify their evacuation zone, emergency officials have created an online database. Residents can enter their address and the computer will show in which zone that address is found. 

Samuel Bailey grew up in St. Augustine and said he wished that tool was available to him and his family in previous storms. 

"I just think that would be very important, especially now since the population has increased on the beaches," said Bailey. "Evacuation routes and things like that [are] very key to saving lives and keeping people out of harm's way." 

If an evacuation becomes necessary, emergency management will alert citizens through reverse 911 calls and local media. 

"I think Tropical Storm Beryl was a wakeup call for many of our citizens that, yes, we can experience tropical storm activity in St. Johns County," shared Stoughton. "We're seeing an increase in activity on our webpage for people to know their zone and also come up with their own family plan."

To "Know Your Zone:"

People who live in Duval, Nassau and Volusia Counties can access similar evacuation information online. 


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