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St. Augustine Restaurant Offers Kid-Free Dining

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- There's a growing trend of businesses going "kids-free."  Cap's On the Water restaurant in St. Augustine allows children, but only in certain parts of the restaurant. 

"You want to have a nice bottle of wine and dinner. I think you should be able to do that without children crying and running in and out," Cap's owner Vivian de Raad said.

Three years ago, Cap's on the Water became a pioneer in what is becoming a popular national trend.  "We're restaurateurs, we're not babysitters," said owner Bernard de Raad."

Kids are allowed and welcome in the restaurant, just not in the dining room.  "Sixteen would be the cut off for me," said de Raad.

They've had some upset customers.  De Raad said he understands some of the comments he's heard.  "I think as a young parent, it's hard not to feel insulted.  It's got to feel personal.  You're kids not welcome in our dining area, who are you, I'm spending money here."

But overall, he said, business has been up.

Caps is not alone.  There are a number of restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and even some airlines that are limiting access for children.



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