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Governor Rick Scott's Robocalls Anger Constituents
Governor Rick Scott's Robocalls Anger Constituents

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- We started hearing about the robocalls by Governor Rick Scott right after the budget passed in May.

Then a week later another call about wasteful spending, and the week after that the phone rang again.






"Hi, I'm Governor Rick Scott," the call begins.

For the past month, the calls have been coming to households all over the state, with Governor Scott touting his pre-recorded accomplishments.

"I'm calling to personally tell you about the state budget I signed," the call continues.

The Republican Party of Florida is funding the calls, which on average cost about two cents a piece. And while it won't disclose who the calls are targeting, a statement released says: "The party is committed to helping the Governor communicate his accomplishments directly to the voters of the state."

But how effective is the new strategy?

"If I got a robocall from the Governor I would probably hang up and not listen to it," said Jacksonville Resident Kathy Fetzer.

Hundreds of people across the state have complained about the calls in blog posts and on twitter, calling them intrusive and unnecessary.

"I would probably read the news at my own leisure and probably from somewhere I considered unbiased," said Fetzer.

But the Governor is determined to drum up support among his constituents, both with the phone calls, and letters of praise he's asked supporters to send to local newspapers.

The letters drew national criticism from Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

"Dear Editor, It is my strong belief that Rick Scott is an "adjective" Governor," he spoofed on his show.

He urged supporters to write letters of their own to the local media, using more colorful language.

"I have left blank spaces, so you can fill in your real opinions," joked Colbert.

Our news partner, the Jacksonville Times Union has received several letters of support for Scott, but dozens more of the Colbert variety.

The TU will be printing a few in the Thursday paper.

If you have received robocalls from the Governor and wish to be taken off the list, you may contact the Republican Party of Florida at 850-222-7920.  


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