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Human remains found under St. Augustine Street

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Archaeologists in St. Augustine say they've discovered human bones under a street that could be more than 400 years old.

The bones were discovered before street revitalization begins in the city's historic downtown. 

Last week, a portion of Charlotte Street near A1A Ale works, became an archaeological excavation, something required before street work begins.

That's where the team discovered between five to six bone fragments, dating back hundreds of years.

"We found a radius and a small piece of skull," said Mischa Johns, a St. Augustine archaeologist.

Johns says they are remains from a very old church cemetery known as Nuestra Senora De Los Remedios, which was around between the years 1572 and 1702. 

She says the bones likely belonged to Europeans of Spanish origin.

Problem is, Johns says the bones are so fractured from an 1880's gas line project, they can only narrow the age of the bones down to that more than 100 year time frame.

She says it's difficult to say what else they may find.

"We may find many more, we may find nothing else. We're not really sure what the boundaries of the cemetery was, so we don't know where we're going to get out of it and no longer find anything like that," said Johns.

Johns says she didn't take any pictures of the bone fragments out of respect for the dead.

She says they plan on doing five or six more digs before the city's construction work on the road begins.


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