Fast Food Fumes Still Under Investigation

Fast Food Fumes Still Under Investigation

South Investigators and Authorities still don’t exactly know what chemicals caused a hazmat situation at a Georgia McDonald's Restaurant, leading to one fatality and sending 9 others to the hospital.

When Pooler Fire Rescue arrived on the scene on the South Georgia McDonald's Wednesday, they immediately identified a foul toxic odor and took respiratory precautions. When they re-entered the building they found 2 women unconscious in the restroom where the smell of fumes was the strongest, according to the Fire Rescue Chief in Pooler Georgia.

YMCA Offers Week of Free Type 2 Diabetes Screening

YMCA Offers Week of Free Type 2 Diabetes Screening

One in three people in America are at risk for type 2 diabetes. That's more than 79 million people, according to the American Diabetes Association. Diabetes is the gateway to many additional health complications including, heart disease, nerve disease, kidney disease, stroke, blindness and more. Because diabetes is a silent and progressive disease, 50 percent of those at high risk do not realize it.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable if you make a change before it's too late, but there's no turning back once you receive a diagnosis.

The YMCA is doing everything possible to raise awareness for the startling reality of our country's diabetes epidemic. Locally, the Y has planned a week of free screenings, September 19 through 22, open to everyone in the community to learn their risk.

Youth Can Win Up To $1,500 in Health-Related PSA Contest

Building on the success of last year’s competition, the Florida Bureau of Immunization (BOI) has announced an open call for entries to its second “You Call the Shots” contest. Teenagers ages 11 to 18 are invited to produce and submit a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) about HPV or meningitis immunizations.

Ponte Vedra Woman Dies After Breathing Toxic Fumes At McDonald's

Ponte Vedra Woman Dies After Breathing Toxic Fumes At McDonald's

According to Authorities, an 80 year old Florida woman died after becoming ill from breathing toxic fumes in a South Georgia McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant.

The woman who died early Thursday morning was identified  as Anne Felton, 80 of Ponte Vedra, Florida by Poole County Police Chief Mark Revenew.

Mrs. Felton and her husband were eating at the restaurant when the incident occurred. The cause of death has yet to be determined, pending an autopsy.

Mrs. Felton was one of ten victims who were treated medically for inhaling the toxic fumes. The threat of toxic fumes was detected when two Firefighters found two customers unconscious in the restroom in the restaurant, and others having difficulty breathing. Two of the ten victims were admitted to the hospital for treatment, and the other eight were treated and released.

Buying Colored Contacts Outside a Doctor's Office Could be Dangerous

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Color contacts are used to give you a different look. Say - Blue eyes when your eyes are brown. But if you don't get them from a doctor and use them correctly, you could do serious damage to your eye. And one local store had the lenses on the shevles.

A local Optician contacted First Coast News after one of his patients saw the lenses at a gas station.

"She had noticed a teenager purchasing contacts at a gas station. And she said hey, is this legal? It doesn't seem legal," said Vice Cottone, an Optician.

In Florida it's a felony to sell contact lenses without a prescription.

Cottone thought it was so serious, he went out to the gas station himself.

"Went out there and checked it out, and sure enough they were selling contact lenses at a gas station," he said.  

Health Department & Mosquito Control District Urge Precautionary Measures

Health Department & Mosquito Control District Urge Precautionary Measures

The St. Johns County Health Department and the Anastasia Mosquito Control District remind residents and visitors to take proper precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.  “Each of us can do some very simple things to help protect ourselves, our families and our community against mosquito-borne illness,” said Dawn C. Allicock, M.D., M.P.H., Director of the St. Johns County Health Department.