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Lemonade stand raises money for cancer research

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Taking lemons and turning them into lemonade. 

Sharon and Brad Elias of St. Augustine have two boys, Josh, 8, and Bradley, 11.

Sharon Elias' friend suggested the boys get involved with something called Alex's Lemonade Stand.

"It's something easy kids can do to help other kids," Elias noted.

The idea is simple. Make some lemonade, sell it, and the money raised goes toward helping kids with cancer.

Bradley smiled and said, "I thought it would be really fun, and I knew we'd raise money for pediatric cancer research. So that made it even better."

Over the weekend at the Palencia Street Fair, the Elias family held their fourth Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Josh said, "We helped make the lemonade and serve it to our friends."

"People were very generous," Elias recalled. "They stopped by and said, 'How much?'  We said, 'Just make a donation.'  People gave what they could afford. Some people dropped in 20 dollar bills."

Bradley explained they were in the right place at the right time.  "The street fair was close to dinner time.  When a lot of people ate their food, they came to get lemonade."

And the money came in. Elias said, "At the stand in 5 hours, we made $425. That's a lot of lemonade!"

Add the donations that they've received on-line, and this year's total is about $1,200. Over four years, this one family has raised $6,500, all by selling lemonade.

The effort started when a little girl named Alex had cancer a few years ago.  She held a lemonade stand to help others.  Alex has since died, but lemonade stands with her name on them have popped up all over. 

Elias noted, "Alex's Lemonade Stand has over 20,000 lemonade stands across the country.  So anyone can do this. No amount is too small."

The Elias family has raised money for pediatric cancer for four years now, even though they don't know anyone with cancer.  

So why keep making the lemonade and helping little kids?

Little josh summed it up well by saying, "because they're still God's children."

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