Mosquitoes: More this Year than Last Year?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Peggy Munsey and her dog Gunner head out for their morning run each day, and every time, there's a pesky disruption.

"Yeah, they're very bad in this area," said Munsey.

The mosquitoes around her Clifton Road neighborhood in Jacksonville are unbearable and her neighbors agree it's the worst they've seen.

Jacksonville's Mosquito Control is tracking increasing calls for service on maps. In May, there were about 300 calls for service.  In June, that number doubled, and already in July, calls for service have exceeded 600.

"It's very irritating.  I was just talking to a neighbor yesterday and said, can you call the mosquito people because I've already called them twice," said Munsey.

Richard Smith, mosquito control superintendent, said he thinks the number of service requests will top 5,000. "That's a lot of service requests," he said.

Post 4th Beach Cleanup Volunteers Scoop Up Nearly 10,000 Cigarette Butts

Keepers of the Coast volunteers proved once again that a little time and a common interest can go a long way. The 3rd Annual “Morning After” Beach Clean-Up was held on Tuesday, July 5th. The purpose of the cleanup was to restore the coastline following the impacts from July 4th, traditionally one of the busiest beach traffic days of the year. 109 volunteers arrived at 5 different beach access points throughout St. Johns County and helped pick up 9,441 cigarette butts.

Sea Turtles Nests Cover St. Johns County Beaches

Sea Turtles Nests Cover St. Johns County Beaches

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Tara Dodson inspected a set of fresh sea turtle tracks this morning on Crescent Beach.

"Isn't it cool?" Dodson said.

The tracks are made when a sea turtle comes ashore to lay her eggs.

Dodson is the habitat conservation plan coordinator for St. Johns County, and this year she has a lot of sea turtle nests to get excited about.   

"We're actually doing better this year than we were just three years ago," Dodson said.

Currently, there are 318 nests in St. Johns County. 

This time last year there were 383 nests, however last year the county saw a record number along the beaches. Dodson said the numbers this year are still great; just two years ago, there were only 250 nests all season long.

"Biologists are still trying to determine why the increase occurred. We're the only county in Florida that saw a 360 percent increase in nesting," Dodson said.

Expect Congested Waterways July Fourth Weekend

Expect Congested Waterways July Fourth Weekend

Nearly 1 million recreational vessels are registered in Florida, and thousands more are brought in by tourists each year to enjoy the state’s boating opportunities. Many thousands of these boats will be cruising the St. Johns River, the Intracoastal Waterway and the many popular lakes and rivers in the northeast and central part of the state while celebrating the July Fourth weekend.

Unfortunately, these busy holiday weekends too often end tragically for some boaters. And these tragedies are usually completely preventable.

St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Reminds Homeowners of Fireworks Ban

St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Reminds Homeowners of Fireworks Ban


Your HOA Board of Directors is forwarding to you a reminder letter from the St. John's County Sheriff's office about fireworks.


Hello Everyone,

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office would like to wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July. We would like to remind everyone we are still under an Emergency Fireworks and Burn Ban. Division of Forestry has worked over 3600 wildfires in the state since January. 73 have been in St Johns County since June.

Under the burn ban you can not:

* Use or discharge fireworks, sparklers, trick noise makers or any other items listed in FS791.01 (4) (c).