Old Seawall not Enough; St. Aug Closer to FEMA Grant for New One

Old Seawall not Enough; St. Aug Closer to FEMA Grant for New One

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- When dark clouds roll in, the St. Augustine seawall is put to the test.

Joseph Webb, who lives on the bay front, a half block south of the Bridge of Lions, has sandbags at the ready because the old seawall doesn't always stop the water. Water washed over the wall during Tropical Storm Fay, he said.

"I've got those sandbags to keep water from coming under the house," Webb said. "And it would've come under the house with Tropical Storm Fay."

The sea wall has been repaired many times.

Over the years, hurricanes and tropical storms have tilted the sea wall, cracked it  - and even breached the wall entirely at least once. 

Martha Graham, the St. Augustine Public Works director, said Tuesday, "If a storm came by with wave action, it's very likely the wall could crumble. "

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