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Drought Conditions Spark Fires Across First Coast
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Drought Conditions Spark Fires Across First Coast

PALATKA, FL,- The dry weather and breezy conditions have set the stage 2012 with an epidemic of wild fires. The fire in the video shown above was taken on HWY 19 South in Palatka today around 1:15 p.m. as a brush fire became a huge blaze in the woods near the road. In the beginning of the video you can see a Bald Eagle circling over the plume of smoke in a state of panic as the flames reached the tree tops. The fire rescue helicopter also can be seen circling the area above the fire.

This is just one of the fires burning across the First Coast Area. Similar to the fires in 2011, drought conditions and crisp underbrush are feeding these fires and making them hard to control. When the wind changes directions, so does the fire, creating an ongoing obstacle for the Firefighters who are diligently fighting the flames trying to protect the local resident's and wildlife's homes.

On top of these conditions, dense fog and smoke are adding extremely hazardous conditions on the roads caused by low visibility into the mix. Everyone is urged to proceed with caution when dealing with fire or flames, as well as driving on the roads in dense fog or smoke.


To see more pictures of this blaze check out this photo album:

Fire Season 2012 - Brush Fire South of Palatka

To view more video footage of this fire check out any of the 3 links below:


Mondex Fire South of Palatka - 3 Smoke Filled Skies


Palatka Florida - Mondex Brush Fire Mondex Brush Fire South of Palatka Jan 30, 2012


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