Photo Gallery | Haunted St. Aug: Harry's Restaurant

Anyone who has spent time in St. Augustine has heard stories about Harry's Restaurant being haunted. Lance Shumaker has been a server at Harry's for nearly ten years and is also regarded as one of the most knowledgeable local historians of the property. Shumaker shared the history of the home, as well as a few ghosts tales.

The photos above are labeled with the information Shumaker shared about the history of the house, including clearing up rumors of the former owner and resident ghost Catalina Gonzalez. (Be sure to check out pictures 22 and 23 above.)

One of the ghost tales Shumaker tells goes back about five or six years. According to Shumaker, four girls came down on Spring break from Virginia. They went on a ghost tour that makes a stop in front of the restaurant and came in for lunch the next day. Two of the four girls were bound and determined to see Catalina. 

"I told them, 'everyone knows ghosts don't come out during the day,’" said Shumaker. The girls came back that night. Two of the girls kept going into the bathroom, coming in, going out, coming in, going out, etc. They were not seeing anything and they were getting fed up. 

Shumaker jokingly suggested they do a séance or something from the movie 'The Craft.' The girls went back into the bathroom and Shumaker looked at the ceiling and said, "Catalina, just scare them or something, let's get this over with." 

Everyone else had cleared out and Shumaker and the restaurant crew were trying to close for the night. "I went downstairs and did about 20 minutes of work and came back upstairs," recalls Shumaker.  

The girls were on the balcony and one passed by the window. Shumaker said he thought to himself, "If she (Catalina) won't scare them, I will." Shumaker said he ran up to the doors and hit them as hard as he could with his hand. 

According to Shumaker, "The girls came in and started hitting me with their jackets and one said, 'Look at my arm!' Shumaker said, one of the girls had a welt on her arm about six inches long and three inches wide. "She had big old lines and gashes on her back; it looked like she had been hit with a whip several times," described Shumaker. Shumaker told the girl, "You came in like this," and she claimed she did not. 

Shumaker said she was pacing back and forth in the second floor dining area and he asked what happened. The girl told Shumaker, "We were sitting in the bathroom, we had the lights turned off, we're doing a séance and I got fed up with her (Catalina)." 

The girl claimed she started cursing at her (Catalina), talking badly about her, saying all kinds of obscenities and got fed up and started walking towards the exit door of the bathroom. The girl said she then heard and felt a big, huge smack on her back and the back of her arm. She turned around and her friend was still sitting on the floor.

"Anyone who has ever has a premonition or a weird feeling, it's always been upstairs in the ladies’ restroom, or up on the third floor or in the office," added Shumaker.

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