Photo Gallery | Flagler College Students Recycle Shipping Container in Unique Way

A group of Flagler College students from the Free Enterprise student group has been working on a unique project – converting a shipping container into living space.

Flagler College Free Enterprise student group advisor, Donna DeLorenzo, says “the project started over a year ago when two students came up with ideas for converting waste material into homes.”

According to DeLorenzo, “Shipping containers have been successfully used as student housing across college campuses worldwide” and describes, “beautiful, modern homes,” in place in the Netherlands and France that the student group studied as part of their research for the project.

“Containers as building materials are extremely durable, they do not have termite problems and can withstand enormous winds,” DeLorenzo explains.

The Free Enterprise student group paired up with students at the Hastings Youth Academy to complete the project. “Hastings Youth Academy students learned carpentry, welding, painting and measuring skills during the project,” DeLorenzo adds.

 The converted shipping container will serve as physical therapy space for Ray Anderson, Jr., a quadriplegic in Hastings. Anderson now 27, became a quadriplegic when he was 18-years-old after a car accident on the way to school.

“The foundation is in place next to Ray Anderson Sr.’s  house, but electrical, plumbing and the connection between the homes is not complete,” says DeLorenzo.

DeLorenzo calculates, “It would cost about $25,000 to convert one shipping container, maybe $15,000 to $17,000 in a factory.”

“It’s  great, where else can you build a 320 square foot home for under $20,000? It’s not about price per square foot, it’s about getting someone into a safe home for under $20,000. It’s a great answer for the homeless, emergency situations or for family members taking on a sick relative,” remarks DeLorenzo.

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