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Tigers Take a Dip to Stay Cool
Urban Wildlife
Tigers Take a Dip to Stay Cool

MORE: SLIDESHOW of tigers taking a bath

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- It gets hot down on Deborah Warrick's farm, and she helps her animals beat the heat in luxury, one cap full at a time.

"We have eight tigers and during the summer we'll give them two or three bubble baths a week," said Warrick, who operates the St. Augustine Wild Reserve. 

She even gives them one of two scents: either milk and honey or lavender scented suds.

"Oh and they come out of the bath smelling so good." 

That keeps the flies off of them for a couple days. So besides keeping the cats cool, it helps them beat the pests as well.

The Reserve is a non-profit animal rescue mission that takes in all sorts of wild cats, wolves, coyotes and birds. They even have a female deer that freely walks around the grounds (the predators are in cages, so no worries).

You can click here to see their website and get more information about the St. Augustine Wild Reserve.

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