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New College Grads See Better Job Picture
New College Grads See Better Job Picture

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- When Ian Waterhouse walks across the stage at Flagler College's commencement ceremony Saturday, he will know exactly what's next.

Waterhouse already has accepted a job as a financial analyst for Disney Parks. Even though he has a job, Waterhouse said he, like many new graduates, was worried about his career outlook. 

"I was really nervous to make sure that I was going to be able to get a job when I graduated," said Waterhouse.

He was so nervous, the senior also applied to law schools to make sure he would have a post-graduation plan. "I'm a planner," he said.

Waterhouse and other newly minted scholars have better job prospects than in recent years. According to USA Today, companies plan on hiring almost 20 percent more new grads this year.

However, career advisors warn that even with a better job market, landing a position still requires work.

"It takes hard work," said Flagler college career counselor Tara Stevenson. "It's not just going to happen. You've got to really work at your resume. You've got to really work at your skills."

Those skills include networking.

Waterhouse worked in a lesser capacity at Disney beginning in 2008 and kept in touch with his contacts at the company.

"Those smaller jobs at Disney led to me getting this job at Disney," Waterhouse said. "So, it was important no matter what to start somewhere and get that experience."

Stevenson encouraged anyone looking for a job to start early.  She said she has worked with some students for six months before they land a position.

"If you start working on that early, you're going to find success earlier than somebody who's waiting until after they get their diploma," she said. 


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