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Nease NJROTC Attends Leadership Academy
Nease NJROTC Attends Leadership Academy

The Allen D. Nease Panther Navy is part of Area 12 NJROTC, and each summer 125 selected cadets from 61 high schools throughout Georgia and North Florida come together for one week for formal leadership training at the Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia. The qualifications to attend this leadership academy include academic and athletic minimal scores.  The cadets are divided into 2 companies, with 3 platoons each.

For the June 2011 class, Nease was represented by Cadets Garrett Agel, Tyler Fugelberg, Sebastian Rivas, Gunnar Welch, James Zapala and Brittany Ziminski. Cadet John Snyder returned as Cadet Cadre, having completed the academy training summer 2010.

The weeklong camp begins with intense physical training at dawn, preparing them for a physical fitness test mid-week, which they must pass, or risk being sent home. Throughout the day, cadets attend classes covering integrity in leadership, teamwork, planning, goal setting, loyalty, social etiquette and being a servant leader to name just a few. Daily drill practice serves to reinforce the concepts of command and precision. Additionally, the cadets are required to keep their rooms and uniforms orderly through daily room inspections.

Throughout the week they are graded on their performance in all areas, in addition to written class work and exams. An Honor Cadet with the overall higest combined score is selected from each of the six platoons. Each company then selects the cadet within their company with the highest score, designating them as Honor Cadet with Meritorious Achievement.

For the Class of 2011, Cadet Tyler Fugelberg from Nease NJROTC was awarded Honor Cadet with Meritorious Achievement Award for Alpha Company, with an overall score of 94.5%, the highest score of the 211 cadets at the academy.

At the completion of the week and upon graduation, each cadet is awarded the coveted silver cord aguillette, which they will wear on their uniform.
These six cadets will now join the leadership staff to take Nease NJROTC into the next year, maintaining the tradition of being “ A Cut Above”.


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