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Busy, Patriotic Day at St. Augustine Beach
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Busy, Patriotic Day at St. Augustine Beach

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. -- Thousands of people celebrated the Fourth of July by hitting the beach today.

According to Jeremy Robshaw, spokesperson for St. Johns County Fire Rescue, Independence Day is one of the biggest days for beachgoers all year. 

"Fourth of July is kind of right in the middle of the summer," said Robshaw. "It's right when people are getting into their routines.  So, we generally see a large beach crowd, especially when we have such great weather."

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Unlike the other two biggest beach days, Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Fourth is not only a time for people to enjoy the beach, but also a time to show off their patriotism. 

Dennis Roath wore a flag-themed bathing suit for the occasion. "It's the 4th of July.  It's the American holiday," Roath said to explain his fashion choice. 

One of the largest displays of patriotism was a series of flags set up by Chris Batchelor. One of them, spanned about 5 feet.

"That's why I brought these flags with me ... I think it's important that people realize it's Independence Day," explained Batchelor. 

"I think they should be thankful that we have American troops that are willing to sacrifice their lives for this freedom.  It started a long time ago and it continues today."

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