Governor Scott Gets to Work at NAS JAX

Governor Scott Gets to Work at NAS JAX

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Governor Rick Scott will hold his third "Let's Get to Work" day at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

The Governor's will be there from approximately 5:15 a.m. until 3:30 in Thursday afternoon.

We're told the Governor will begin the day by working at the gate.

Good Morning Jacksonville will join the Governor live starting at 5:45 a.m.

Local Tea Party's Extreme Infighting Ends Meeting, Divides Group

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. --  Just 23 minutes after it started, the St. Augustine Tea Party meeting adjourned.

Before the meeting even began, emotions were running high for the St. Augustine Tea Party, and after it started the fighting broke out.

From the audience, members screamed at the Board of Directors, and one man threatened to have people thrown out. 

"We're going to have an organized meeting from now on, or I'm going to have people removed," said one security guard.

While no one got kicked out in the standing room only crowd, some audience members left in disgust just minutes into the meeting.

Others complained that business was being conducted in secret.

St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Membership Breakfast

 St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce Membership Breakfast

The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos to its membership breakfast event.  Haridopolos, whose district includes parts of Indian River and St. Lucie counties, recapped the 2011 legislative session during the address, detailed major reforms and discussed why they needed to balance the state’s budget without raising taxes.

St. Johns County Families PAC Announces Coalition Against Property Tax Hike

St. Johns County Families PAC’s efforts to defeat the $12 million property tax hike were strengthened today, as various local leaders and organizations joined their coalition.

“There is clearly widespread opposition to the latest tax hike,” said Adam Guillette, of the newly formed St. Johns County Families PAC. “And we’re incredibly excited that these local leaders have joined our efforts,” he added.

Congressional Leaders Say They Are Close to a Deal on the Debt Ceiling

WASHINGTON D.C. - President Barack Obama's top ally in the Senate has signed on to a long-delayed agreement to raise the government's borrowing cap and cut spending - subject to approval by his fellow Senate Democrats.

A spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Nevada Democrat supports the measure. He's the first top congressional leader to announce support.

Republican Senate leaders said Sunday they were close to a deal.

The tentative agreement would guarantee enough borrowing authority to keep the government afloat into 2013.

The measure would provide an immediate hike in the debt limit, accompanied by the promise of trillions of dollars in future spending cuts.

Cuts in spending would be phased in over a decade. Social Security and Medicare benefits wouldn't be cut, and taxes would be unlikely to rise.

Local Residents Fight Property Tax Hike

A group of local residents has created a political action committee to defeat the new $12 million property tax increase proposed by the St. Johns County Commission. 

“This new tax hike is outrageous. St. Johns County families are already overtaxed,” said Adam Guillette, Chairman of the newly formed St. Johns County Families PAC.  “County politicians have spent our money recklessly over the past ten years,” he added.

Teacher Merit Pay Fails in NYC Before Florida Schools Start Program

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Local education advocates are calling on Governor Rick Scott to look to New York City after their teacher merit pay program was abandoned Monday.

"I applaud New York for doing what's fiscally responsible and realizing that political ideology shouldn't set the tone for what we put into practice," said Colleen Wood, Save Duval Schools Executive Director.

The program in New York City rewarded the entire school based on performance.

Here in Florida individual teachers would be rewarded.

Wood has rallied against teacher merit pay since it was first introduced in Florida, and she thinks the state should follow in New York's footsteps.