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Local Residents Fight Property Tax Hike

A group of local residents has created a political action committee to defeat the new $12 million property tax increase proposed by the St. Johns County Commission. 

“This new tax hike is outrageous. St. Johns County families are already overtaxed,” said Adam Guillette, Chairman of the newly formed St. Johns County Families PAC.  “County politicians have spent our money recklessly over the past ten years,” he added.

As State Director of Americans for Prosperity, Guillette led the successful fight against the St. Johns County sales tax increase in 2008. 

Other board members of St. Johns Count Families include John Clegg and Skip Frantz.

“This is the fourth time in four years that the County has tried to raise our taxes.” stated Skip Frantz, St. Johns County Families member.  “The politicians should balance their budget by cutting wasteful spending, just like families and businesses do,” added Frantz.

From 2000 to 2010, St. Johns County’s population increased by 53%, but government spending tripled.  And despite budget shortfalls, the County Commissioners built a $16,500,000 building to work in.  In addition, most of the current commissioners ran for office as fiscal conservatives, promising to keep taxes low.

The new PAC will be taking on the new tax hike with grassroots activism, earned media, and paid media.  For more information about St. Johns County Families PAC, contact Adam Guillette at 904-395-5101.


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