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Young (VERY) Entrepreneur's Business is Popping
Young (VERY) Entrepreneur's Business is Popping

St. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Nine-year-old Skyler loves baseball and watching football on TV with his dad. But when it comes to being outside in the Florida heat, he says he'll pass.

"It's like 100 degrees yesterday and 100 degrees the other day," he said.

His favorite place to escape the heat is at the movie theatre. "I love the popcorn," he said.

But this young man turned that hatred of the heat, and love of the snack into a business idea.

"I thought it would be really nice if I could sell something, so I thought I'd mix some flavors to make the popcorn taste better."

He's even got a website for his spices; a website he manages himself.


And he's already signed on his first major client. The IMAX Theatre at the World Golf Village.

"I mean, you saw him, how could you say no," said Travis Hill, spokesperson for the theatre.

He gets an allowance from the money he makes off the business, but he says he's not going to spend it on a night at the movies.

"I plan on saving it up so I can buy a nice house one day."


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