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Deputy Shares Fire Survival Story
Deputy Shares Fire Survival Story

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Sgt. Glenn Lappe is thankful he made it out alive after the St. Johns County deputy saved a woman from a house fire early Monday morning. 

Lappe was the first one on the scene of the St. Augustine fire, when he heard the young woman's father screaming for help. 

"He pointed to a bedroom window on the side of the house and smoke was just billowing out of it," said Lappe. 

The man's daughter was stuck on the second floor of the home.  Lappe said he took a deep breath and ran up the stairs.

"I ran into a wall of heat," Lappe explained.  "It was like sticking your head into an oven."

Stunned and unable to breathe, Lappe ran back down the staircase.

"I'm a father and he's a father, and I watched the anguish on his face because we were sitting there thinking that, you know, we're probably going to watch his daughter die," Lappe said.

Then, Lappe got a wet rag and used it to shield his nose and mouth. He was able to grab the young woman and pull her back down the stairs to where her father was waiting.

"We all cried together," Lappe said. "Her name was the same as my youngest daughter. I thought that was kind of was a pretty emotional time."

The victim was treated for minor injuries, but Lappe said the scars from that event will never go away.

"There's something that is embedded in my mind that will be there forever.  It was pretty traumatic for me also."


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