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Indian Gharial Eggs Will Not Hatch
Indian Gharial Eggs Will Not Hatch

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- After waiting patiently for more than two months, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm announced the Indian Gharial Eggs laid in April will not be hatching.

"Thanks to all of you that had your fingers crossed for our gharial eggs," wrote Director John Brueggen in an email.  "Unfortunately, we know now that they are not going to hatch."

One of the female Indian Gharials, Kama, laid 42 eggs in a shallow pool.  Employees with the Alligator Farm spotted the eggs in the water and moved them to a location where they could incubate.

Indian Gharials usually lay their eggs in nests on a beach, but staff members say the crocodiles' current enclosure does not have enough space.  The Alligator Farm is now looking at creating a bigger beach to encourage the Gharials to mate again.

Brueggen remains optimistic.

"We have learned some very important things.  We found that at least one of the eggs had an embryo inside, so that means that both mom and dad are sexually mature and that they got the main part of the process right," explained Brueggen. 

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