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Mumford and Sons: St. Augustine's biggest concert

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- St. Augustine is preparing for what could be the biggest concert it has ever hosted.

Mumford and Sons will perform in September.

This weekend, the concert planners and promoters were in town working out some logistics.

 Bryan Benson and Charlie Jennings checked out the Rhythm and Ribs festival in St. Augustine.

They are with AC Entertainment, the company handling the St. Augustine stopover of the Gentlemen of the Road Tour featuring Grammy Award winning Mumford and Sons.

"We want to make sure the area can accommodate the audience," Jennings said.  

They scoped out the vendors and Francis Field. It's the same events field where Mumford and Sons will play this fall to a sold out crowd of 25,000 people.

The logistics of moving that many people in and out of this event field takes planning, but Jennings said the field is perfect for the crowd.   

"It's got roadways all around it," he noted. "It has a parking garage right next to it. All the businesses and bars and shops are within walking distance of it."

Even with a parking garage nearby, Benson said parking will be the biggest hurdle they face in St. Augustine.

"We're coming up with a shuttling system. We'll have an area where people can park off-site and we will shuttle them into town," Benson explained.

With 25,000 people, the concert may be the biggest one St. Augustine has ever hosted, so the promoters keep security as a priority. While at the festival, they checked out the St. Johns County Sheriff's mobile command center.

The promoters also met with business owners to answer any questions the merchants might have and to encourage them to participate in the excitement of the weekend.

"The band is really passionate about not coming in and taking over a town, but they like to come into a town and lift up the town," Benson said.  

While it may take more strategy for an internationally known band to perform in small cities, there's a reason Mumford and Sons chooses smaller spots like Bristol, Tennessee last year and St. Augustine this year.

Jennings explained, "For Gentlemen of the Road, it's all about picking a city that has got some historical significance and finding a city that is unique. It's not to say a larger city like Jacksonville can't be that. It's more about having that small town vibe."

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