Eateries near St. Augustine outlet malls cash in on Black Friday | News

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Eateries near St. Augustine outlet malls cash in on Black Friday

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Manager Sandra Jackson will work Black Friday for the fourth year at McDonald's on State Road 16.

"Busy! Fast!" she said.

McDonald's is one of several restaurants next to the St, Augustine outlet malls that see a spike in business on Black Friday.

"We'll do 65 to 75 percent more business because there are that many more people out shopping," said Drew Van Zante, McDonald's owner.

Across the street at Denny's, the home of the grand slam, they will be ...

"We're going to get slammed," said Mike Dennis, Denny's manager.

The manager says Black Friday shopper peppers up his business by 50 percent.

"We know we're going to be busy so we have more product, more people," said Dennis.

Interestingly, Black Friday is slow at Wendy's. The district manager says mall shoppers fill up his parking lot ... but not his eatery.

And Cracker Barrel sees a slight swing in breakfast business, but it's the businesses that are open in the wee hours that see a steaming business Black Friday...

And while you may see Jackson at the drive thru Friday -- late Thursday and early Friday -- you won't see her shopping!

"No ma'am! I wouldn't!" Jackson said. "Because it's crazy! The lines are so long!"


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