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Local woman bikes to beat cancer

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- "I've come a long way since I first started biking," said Lynn Rothemund.

And her bike: "It works, I don't need anything fancy,".

Her bike might be 20 years old, but Lynn Rothemund isn't letting it slow her down.

"It should be called Old Bessy or something like that," she said.

Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just a year ago, she says her commitment to riding down the road always made her feel better.

"Biking took the pain away. And that's why I've continued to bicycle," she said.

Now that she's in remission, Rothemund wants to use what she loves to help other people struggling with cancer.

In the beginning of October, she'll set out to ride 1,000 miles across Florida, and she doesn't want to waste a day.

"My doctor's told me that this is the type of cancer that will come back. So I better hurry up," she said.

She's staying with friends along the 12 day trip, and will donate 100% of the proceeds to local charities Unity and Art Breakers.

"Just knowing Lynn, and her enthusiasm for life, it shows people what we should be doing every day," said Art Breakers Co-Founder Gaye Jones.

For Lynn, that's slow and steady, with a little pizzazz.  



Lynn wrote more about her own journey below:

Howdy, My story.....Why I am doing this Ride!

In my genetic makeup is a gene that guides me to help others.  My   "Volunteer" Gene!

The Act of helping and   doing keeps me positive, happy   and focused!  [and out of trouble;) ]

I have spent my entire life educating students and volunteering for good   causes.

Since My motto is: Keep Things Simple...

 I decided to do a Bicycle Ride around Florida to raise money   for cancer.

My Mom died of cancer, my Grandma died of cancer and I have Stage 4   cancer.  (And I have always been extremely healthy!)

So, I want to raise awareness and money to help people going through   cancer treatments right now.  Any kind of help.

 I have seen first hand the challenge of going through treatments!   That was the fun part for me...I had a good support group!

I have also experienced the nightmare of dealing with insurance company semantics and payments due.

I want to help make this experience easier for others.  

I did a ride like this in 2004 for Habitat for Humanity and raised   $17,000.

The event itself is fairly easy to organize....biking the 1000 miles is   the challenge.

I can do it!  That is my story! 





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