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Swimming Pool Regulations Will Increase Cost To Homeowners

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  The pool industry estimates  that sixty percent of Florida homeowners have a spa or a swimming pool. This Spring new regulations will drive up the cost of keeping those pools, the new standards affects the pump.

"You will have to upgrade the pump or motor whichever is necessary to the new energy style pump," said Mark Simmons.

Simmons is service manger at the Fruit Cove pinch a penny.  He said the electric pump, which keeps the water moving in the pool runs at least eight hours a day and the older pumps are energy hogs.

"Homeowners calling for service and/or repair will have to retrofit them," said Simmons.

The Florida Swimming Pool Association is educating its members about the changes to make it clear to everyone that the law only applies to pumps that are one horsepower or greater and not every one wil need to be replaced.

"If it can be serviced and repaired, it will be repaired as long as it is being doned by a skilled licensed person," said Wendy Parker.

Parker with FSPA said an education workshop is scheduled for Northeast florida this Spring. 

Simmons agrees with the need for green or energy saving laws but he said homeowners need to be aware of the potential burden.

"It is not a bad thing for the person that can fit it in their budget or if they're going to be staying in the house for long where you can get paid back," he said.

Simmons said  a repair that would normally cost $350 will skyrocket to $750 and there are no rebates when it comes to swimming pools.

"They should have made it that the existing equipment be grandfather in place," He said. 

Consumers building a new swimming pool or spa will absorb the cost of going green in the price tag and Simmons thinks that is fair.

He is reaching out to his state lawmakers for change.

"I'm asking them to write a bill that would change  the retrofit portion of this law or make it null and void," he said.

Until that happens, on March 15th, the energy efficiency laws regarding pool and spa pumps becomes effective.


Single speed pool pumps or their motors will have to replace with a variable speed or two speed device. The law applies to pumps that are one horsepower or higher.

Is there an exception?  If the pool pump is still under warranty and it fails, the manufacturer can replace it with an inefficient pump instead of  the new energy efficient one. 


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