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Naked Evacuation: St. Augustine Woman Has No Time To Dress
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Naked Evacuation: St. Augustine Woman Has No Time To Dress

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Witnesses shooting cell phone video say shockwaves from the BP gas station explosion on SR 16 could be felt a mile away.

Considering Tiffany Edwards lives right across the street from the gas station, her experience was a little more up close and very personal.

"I hadn't been out of the shower 10 minutes, I was still wet," she said. "And that's when I heard a loud kaboom, a big explosion."

So she ran to the door in her towel to see what was going on.

"And a fireman runs by and is yelling, 'Get out of the house.'"

She had no time to grab her purse, or a suitcase.

"We had no time to do anything," she said.

She didn't even have time to throw on a shirt. She says she grabbed a sheet off the floor, piled her kids in the car and took off for a friends house in Deltona.

"All I had when I got there was my sheet," she said laughing, "I drove straight there with my sheet on."

She made it back home Saturday morning. The only property damage she had was to that sheet.

"It's all dirty from being dragged out the side of my car the whole way," she said.

There's certainly no damage done to her dignity, she says all she could think about was getting her family to safety as quickly as possible considering how bad it was.

"I'm thinking the whole block is going to blow up," she said.

St. Johns County Fire officials have reopened SR 16 and say they don't anticipate having to close the street again. Though crews will continue the clean up and investigate.

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