Graffiti Removal Work Continues on Bridge of Lions | News

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Graffiti Removal Work Continues on Bridge of Lions

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- The lion statue by the Bridge of Lions -- which was defaced Monday night -- received a second day of treatment Wednesday.
Joe Segal was one of the artists who restored the lion statues two years ago.  This morning he was back at work, trying to remove and chemically withdraw the red paint which had been sprayed onto the white marble statue.
Only pink patches could be seen on the lion statue Wednesday. 
Police are still looking for the vandal who marred the beloved Italian statue.  
The lion statues were placed by the bridge when it opened in the 1920s, giving the Bridge of Lions its name.
When the bridge was restored from 2005 - 2010, the statues were removed and also restored.
Segal said it's very sad that someone would do this. 
As he worked, passers-by honked in appreciation of his effort.  Another passenger in a car yelled, "I hope they catch whoever did that."
Segal quietly said, "I do too."


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