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Pedicabs and Segways face regulation in St. Augustine

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- The City of St. Augustine is considering ways to regulate alternative forms of transportation in the city.

Keith Richardson owns St. Augustine Bike Rentals which also provides Segway tours and has pedicabs.

"I think they're trying to restrict the things tourists enjoy," Richardson noted.

He admits he doesn't know many specifics about the proposed ordinances but says he's curious how they could impact his business.

One ordinance takes up pedicabs and suggests restricting them from roads where the speed limit is higher than 35 miles per hour, Ron Brown said. He's City Attorney in St. Augustine.

He said there has also been an issue "where they pick-up people and where they drop off people."

Another ordinance regulates things called Sub 8's, little buses or oversized golf carts that carry fewer than 8 people.

Brown said, "It'll have restrictions on location and where they can operate, times of day for example."

The ordinance would also controlling them with franchise agreements, like what is done with carriages and tour trains.

The proposed law for Segways may limit their speed and Brown said, "This one basically keeps them off St. George Street and keeps them off the promenade sidewalk by the Visitor Information Center and garage."

Richardson wants to know more about the proposed laws, but believes it's good to have all kinds of transportation available, so there is less automobile traffic.


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