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St. Augustine welcomes long-awaited detox center

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Starting this month, St. Johns County will shed its dubious distinction as Florida's largest county without a drug and alcohol detox facility.

On Wednesday, January 22 EPIC Recovery Center will host a grand opening of a 16-bed facility to treat drug and alcohol dependent patients in crisis. The detox center, located on US 1 South, will operate 24/7 with 12 detoxification beds and four residential treatment beds, and will consist of a team of nurses, trained substance abuse professionals and doctors.

According to Patti Greenough, EPIC CEO, "the mental clarity, emotional stability, and improved physical condition provided by a drug and alcohol detox will allow for more active participation in the daily requirements of a client's rehabilitation program."

Greenough has previously credited state Sen. John Thrasher and Sheriff David Shoar with securing the necessary funds to open the $1.65 million facility. Law enforcement officials have endorsed the detox center as an alternative to jailing people who are addicts, not offenders.

Shoar told First Coast News, "This facility adds an outstanding opportunity to serve our communities where treatment is needed.  Far too often, individuals with substance abuse problems end up in our jail, when a detox facility would be the better option."

Treatment at the center is voluntary, but residential beds will be available for periods as long as 30 days.

The grand opening takes place Jan. 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The center will begin receiving clients on Jan. 23.

To learn more about the detox center, call EPIC at 904-829-2273 or to visit


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