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St. Augustine man sets sail for trip around the world

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- A St. Augustine man is on his way toward setting a new world record.

Dr. Stanley Paris, 76, sailed off in his sailboat at 7 a.m. Monday from the St. Augustine City Marina.

His goal is to sail around the world, or 27,000 miles, alone in less than 150 days.

The current record is 150 days, six hours and one minute. Paris is aiming for between 120 or 130 days.

If Paris is successful, he will be the oldest person to hold the new record by six years.

The founder and chancellor of the University of St. Augustine also hope to be the first to successfully make this trip using no fossil fuels.

Paris has green technology like solar panels, wind turbines and hydro generators on board his 63'8'' sailing vessel.

He also has plenty of food to sustain him on the water and a Christmas tree so he can still enjoy the holidays.

"I'll manage. I've got about 360 days worth of food on board," he said.

This is a trip Paris has made before, but with family and friends.

He told First Coast News during a live interview on Good Morning Jacksonville he's anxious and excited for the trip, but emotional to be leaving behind family for several months.

The upside is he got two more nights with his wife after weather delayed his departure three times this weekend.

"Many of my friends, my sons had to leave to go back to work. So they're not here for the send off, but I'm ready," he said.

Many supporters cheered Paris on as tugboats escorted him from the marina to the St. Augustine Inlet.

From there, he'll enter the Atlantic Ocean and set sail for Bermuda, where the official record attempt will begin.

You can monitor his progress live here.


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