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FPL offers 10 ways to beat the winter chill and manage your electric bill
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While extreme cold weather is rare in Florida, it can happen. And when it does, Florida Power & Light (FPL) wants to help you beat the chill and manage your electric bill.

Before you reach for your heater’s “on” button, FPL’s energy efficiency expert, Craig Muccio, says you may want to consider how it will impact your energy bill.  “Heating systems in many Florida homes are inefficient to operate,” he says. “In fact, strip or electric resistance-based heating can cost two to three times more energy than air conditioning.”

Here’s a look at his 10 tips to save on energy costs this winter:

  • Set your thermostat as low as is comfortably possible. For every two degrees you lower the thermostat, say from 68 to 66 degrees, you’ll save about 9 percent on heating costs.
  • Keep your filters clean. Clean or replace your air conditioner’s filter every month to trim your heating costs and help your unit run more efficiently.
  • Reduce air leaks. Seal doors and windows with weather-stripping or caulk.
  • Take advantage of the sun’s heat and light. Keep your south-facing windows clean. Open curtains on south-facing windows during the day and close all curtains at night.
  • Take shorter showers and use an efficient showerhead. People tend to take longer showers in colder weather, which increases water heating costs, so try to make it brief and remember to use a low-flow showerhead.
  • Turn down the temperature on water heaters. Most water heaters are set to 140 degrees, but at 115 to 120 degrees you’ll still enjoy water that’s hot enough to meet your needs.
  •  Insulate hot water pipes and, if your water heater is more than seven years old, consider a “wrap” to insulate the tank. Wraps are available at most home centers and hardware stores.
  • Add insulation to your attic. Adding insulation to your home can reduce your heating and cooling costs. If your home qualifies, we can help with some of the costs.  Visit http://www.fpl.com/residential/energy_saving/buying_guide/insulation.shtml for more information.
  • Reduce the time you run your pool pump by two hours a day and you could save $8.21 a month. Swimming pools typically require less filtration in winter.
  • Sign up for guaranteed savings with the On Call® program. Save as much as $137 on your electric bill by agreeing to let FPL occasionally turn off equipment you select, for short periods of time, only when absolutely necessary. Visit www.FPL.com/oncall to learn more.

“As FPL customers, we already have the lowest bills in the state” Muccio says, and with these energy efficiency tips, that bill can be even lower this winter.”

For even more ways to save, visit www.FPL.com/ohes to get a personalized energy-savings plan for your home.

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