New Daily Deal Web Site Coming to the First Coast

First Coast News is launching a brand new daily deal Web site called DealChicken

Here’s how DealChicken works: Consumers sign up to receive future daily deals by visiting www.dealchicken.com. The deals are sent to consumers’ e-mail addresses.

Once the site launches, you’ll get one amazing deal delivered to your inbox per day. These will range from excellent deals on food at some of your favorite restaurants, to massive discounts on a round of golf, tanning, etc.

Fireworks at World Golf Village

Neighbors, guests and visitors flocked to World Golf Village Friday night for food, fun and fireworks.

The show started around 9:30p.m., however as early as 6:00p.m. the Murray Bros. Caddy Shack was packed with families waiting for an hour and a half for a bite to eat and a drink or two.

If you missed the show, click here for more JULY 4TH CELEBRATIONS IN ST. AUGUSTINE

Mix Safety With Fun this Fourth of July

With warm weather and pool time already here, and Fourth of July festivities right around the corner, the St. Johns County Health Department/Florida Department of Health (DOH) asks residents  and visitors to save a life and designate a “Water Watcher” when children are participating in water activities. All across Florida, children will spend the hot days of summer playing in pool areas and swimming and jumping into the cool water, but despite the fun, pool safety is a serious subject and must be made a top priority.

A new knee and playing nurse for dear old dad

It’s a strange and wonderful thing, helping a parent recover from surgery.

“Wonderful” because you’re returning the favor after all those years he or she raised you. Wiping your bottom. Cutting up your steak. Listening to doctors’ instructions, and remembering when you’re supposed to take medicine. Not even trying to duck when you threw up.

Children’s Gardening Workshops at St. Johns County Public Library

For the second summer in a row, elementary-aged children are invited to pre-register for free, hands-on gardening workshops at their local St. Johns County Public Library branch. The free, educational workshops will be held at all six St. Johns County Public Library branches and are presented by members of the Garden Club of St. Augustine and sponsored by the Garden Club of St. Augustine and the Friends of the Library groups of each St. Johns County Public Library branch.

Coming to terms with a silent, dog-less house

It’s a quiet house. An empty house. You don’t hear the rat-a-tat-tat of toenails on the hardwood floors. Or feel hot breath on your kneecaps at dinner.

There’s no need for spastic, acrobatic leaps when you turn around at the fridge, realizing an instant too late there’s a dog sitting at your feet. She would scramble out of the way when she saw I was about to topple on her.

Gone are the wet, soggy kisses dished out by a tongue that knew no boundaries. Gone are those eyes — those inviting, intoxicating eyes. Gone is that warm body that was always pressed next to you.

It’s tough adjusting to an empty house.

Teen Financial Literacy Series at St. Johns County Public Library

The St. Johns County Public Library System is teaming up with the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants to offer another installment of the FREE Teen Financial Literacy Series. The one-day seminar is designed specifically for individual’s ages 15 to 20 and will be held at each branch of the Library between July 9th and August 13th.