Reduce P.E. While childhood Obesity Rising ?

The American Heart Association strongly opposes House Bill 4057, by State Representative Larry Metz, removing the requirement for Middle School Physical Education. 

Currently 30% of Florida’s youth are overweight or obese.  As these students get older, their obesity problem just gets worse.  

Ten Tips From Tallahassee For Safely Decorating for Christmas

Ten Tips From Tallahassee For Safely Decorating for Christmas

The holiday season is in full swing, the leftover turkey is a gone, the gift shopping madness has begun and family's are preparing for the Christmas Holiday. With all the festive decorations and traditional Christmas trees going up in homes across the nation, the The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Tallahassee has released a list of 10 simple tips to help keep the holiday decorating safe for everyone. With drought conditions across much of Florida the risk of fires are much higher and extra caution should be taking while hanging your lights and decorating this year. 

Luminary Night at the Lighthouse

Luminary Night at the Lighthouse

Thousands will visit the grounds of the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum when the historic Light Station and surrounding neighborhood glistens with the magical glow of thousands of candles during Luminary Night, Wednesday, December 7, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Unveils Cannon

Archaeologists unveiled two centuries-old cannons, one with a very important inscription, at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum Friday night “It’s been hidden away for centuries,” said archaeologist Chuck Meide, director of the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Progam (LAMP), as he awaited the unveiling. “It hasn’t been touched for centuries.”

Take a Nights of Lights Scenic Cruise with the Victory III

Take a Nights of Lights Scenic Cruise with the Victory III

On Thursday, December 1, the St. Augustine Lighthouse Guild will set to sea aboard the Victory III at 6:30 pm, and would like you to join them.

The Guild, who raises funds for the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, plan unique trips that allow guests to experience history while having a great time. On the Victory III cruise guests will enjoy spectacular views, including that of the Nights of Lights Festival, light hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment, prize drawings, and a cash bar.

To reserve your space for the cruise, or for more information, call Pam at (904) 829-0745. The tour will last approximately two hours; guests will board at 6:30 pm and leave dock at 7 pm. All funds raised will benefit the not-for-profit St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum.

An Exclusive Unveiling: Uncovering History with the Lighthouse

Rare, Inscribed Cannon to be Unveiled on November 18, 2011

First Light Maritime Society Archaeologists at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum will unveil the cannon, which were recovered earlier this summer from a shipwreck found two years ago, on November 18 in the Courtyard at an invitation-only event, giving the Lighthouse a chance to reveal the inscription discovered on one of the cannon.

The First Light Maritime Society, which operates the Lighthouse & Museum and the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP), recently recovered the rare cannon covered in concretion from the shipwreck site that has already produced five cauldron, a gentleman’s pocket pistol and a ship’s bell. Archaeologists are working on removing the encrustation from the guns to reveal dates, nationality, or manufacturer’s information that might be cast or inscribed upon them.