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Warning: 'Lazy Cakes' Hitting Store Shelves on First Coast
Warning: 'Lazy Cakes' Hitting Store Shelves on First Coast

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- A new "designer drug" has hit the First Coast.

"Lazy Cakes" are marketed as herbal brownies, designed to help adults de-stress, but drug and alcohol prevention experts are worried they will get into the wrong hands.

"The cartoon on it kind of looks like it's marketed toward youth and I hope that youth don't get involved with it," said Brandon Colee , a spokesman for PACT, the Prevention Coalition of St. Johns County.

The brownies contain a high dosage of melatonin, a hormone that helps people sleep. According to the Lazy Cakes website, each packaged brownie contains two servings, or about 8 mg of the hormone. Experts said most people need a much smaller dose of melatonin when it is used as a sleep aid. 

Colee said there have been reports of small children being hospitalized in other parts of  country after eating some of the brownies.

The Arkansas Department of Health recalled "Lazy Cakes" on Thursday, saying they pose "a potential health risk to consumers, especially young children."

PACT said it wants to make parents in our area aware of the ingredients, so that children do not start eating "Lazy Cakes."

"Make sure a younger child going into a gas station doesn't think it's a snack and want to buy it," said Colee.

The company behind the cakes declined a request for an interview, but released this statement from HBB, LLC's CEO, Terry Harris:

"We created Lazy Cakes to provide adults with a great-tasting way to combat the stress associated with our fast-paced lives. Ingredients include items that anyone can purchase at any health food or vitamin store; these are melatonin, Valerian Root Extract, Rose Hips Extract, and Passion Flower. While in-store placement of our product is the decision of each individual storeowner or manager, we encourage stores to place these products alongside the energy shots or with other dietary supplements that are also produced for adults. Each Brownie is clearly labeled to indicate that we recommend that Lazy Cakes be enjoyed by adults only. We encourage parents to check the label before providing this or any product to their children."

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