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School takes part in National Digital Learning Day

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA--Digital learning is quickly becoming the wave of the future for education.  Instead of carrying around big textbooks, for students at Palencia Elementary School, all of their textbooks are on iPads and their teachers use Smartboards instead of chalkboards.

To celebrate National Digital Learning Day with other schools in the country, students at Palencia Elementary will be doing a digital scavenger hunt across the school, Skyping other classes in St. Johns County and parents can get involved too.  They can log in and observe via a web cam some of their children's classes.

The principal Don Campbell says after the new school was built, they had money set aside to buy new text books, but instead of buying new books the faculty and staff thought it would be a better idea to buy iPads and download all the textbooks onto them.  

"All of our schools have computers and laptops, but we are one of the first schools in the nation that has gone all digital. That means we try to do everything digitally that we possibly can do during a lesson," says Campbell

Since the iPads belong to the school, students can't take the iPads home with them, but the textbooks can be accessed through computers at home. Principal Campbell says the teachers have structured the homework so it can be done without the iPads.

He says going digital has been a great tool for instant learning at the school and keeping children engaged in learning.


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