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An Exclusive Unveiling: Uncovering History with the Lighthouse

Rare, Inscribed Cannon to be Unveiled on November 18, 2011

First Light Maritime Society Archaeologists at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum will unveil the cannon, which were recovered earlier this summer from a shipwreck found two years ago, on November 18 in the Courtyard at an invitation-only event, giving the Lighthouse a chance to reveal the inscription discovered on one of the cannon.

The First Light Maritime Society, which operates the Lighthouse & Museum and the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP), recently recovered the rare cannon covered in concretion from the shipwreck site that has already produced five cauldron, a gentleman’s pocket pistol and a ship’s bell. Archaeologists are working on removing the encrustation from the guns to reveal dates, nationality, or manufacturer’s information that might be cast or inscribed upon them.

“With this cannon unveiling, along with its new information, the First Light Maritime Society is unveiling our Patriots and the Sea Project in honor of the upcoming City and State Birthday Commemorations,” said Kathy Fleming, Executive Director of the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum. Fleming added, “We will show how Maritime Archaeology is telling the story of the American Revolution in Saint Augustine. Our community was much more involved than you’ve been taught. Come and find out more!”

Dr. Sam Turner, the research arm’s Director of Archaeology, discovered the cannon while making a routine dive to retrieve a few items left during the previous field school. Along with the cannon, the museum also unveiled a ship’s bell recovered from the site, however, there were no distinguishing marks on the bell’s surface. Any information found on the cannon will bring the archaeologists closer to identifying the shipwreck.

The unveiling event starts at 6 p.m. with beer, wine and sangria being served. The unveiling is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. There is a recommended donation of $20 per person. For more information about the Cannon Unveiling contact the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum at (904) 829-0745 or visit

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