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Stinky Home Invasion
Stinky Home Invasion

PALM BEACH, FL- When a Palm Beach couple went to visit their relatives for their 58th wedding anniversary, they did not expect to have house sitters while they were away, and surely not such smelly ones.

While the Florida couple, Bill & Stephanie Palieri, were away, an estimated 10 skunks entered their house through a window that was left open and made themselves right at home.
The skunk family made themselves comfortable in the walls, behind appliances, and underneath cabinetry, all difficult places to attempt to remove them from.

According to the couple they have chewed wires making appliances like the stove unusable, and have been eating cat food and anything else they can scavenge in the home.

James Dean, AAA Wildlife Removal and Damage Control Trapper, has kindly volunteered to help the couple with the skunk invasion for free, but this task is easier said than done. Dean has succeeded in trapping one stinky skunk so far. The Palieri’s and Mr, Dean have a stinky situation on their hands, and a long smelly road ahead. 

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