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Tar on Gulf Coast Beaches Linked To BP
Tar on Gulf Coast Beaches Linked To BP

After Tropical Storm Lee churned in the warm Gulf waters and washed ashore along the Gulf Coast, balls of tar began rolling in with the tide along the sandy beaches of the Gulf from Alabama to the Panhandle of Florida. Thursday preliminary test results from tests performed by Auburn University linked the tar ball wash up to oil from BP.

The results showed that the tar that washed ashore on Alabama and Florida Beaches was a result of the BP Oil Spill last year, which came as no surprise to skeptical locals and business owners.

Officials believe that the tar that recently washed ashore after Tropical Storm Lee is “remnants” of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. Recent “flyovers” indicate that oil might be leaking from BP’s Maconda Well, but BP Officials deny these claims.

BP Clean Up Crews continue to clean up tar balls along the beaches with the help of local beach lovers. Some of the balls of tar have been reported to be as big as baseballs.

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