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Severe Midday Storm In Palatka
Environment, Weather
Severe Midday Storm In Palatka

A little after lunch time today, around 1:00 p.m., skies  began to get dark over Putnam County.

A severe thunderstorm moved in over the area producing intense winds, rapid and extreme lightning and thunder, and very heavy downpours.

The conditions became severe in a matter of minutes. The roads filled quickly with water as the rain was coming down heavy rates. Debris blown out of trees into the streets from the heavy winds cluttered the roads as well. With visibility less than a half mile, the driving conditions were exceptionally dangerous.

The lightning was the main event of this storm, coming down rapidly in every direction with thunder following it immediately.

In this video you can see the rate at which the rain was coming down, the trees being whipped around by the heavy winds, and the lightning striking very close. The horizontal white flashes you can see in the video are bolts of lightning, and the ruckus heard immediately after gives perspective to how close the lightning was striking. The bolt towards the end of the video was the closest one I was able to capture, but it's intensity can be seen and heard.

With Hurricane Irene churning in the tropics, this may be a small taste of the weather to come.

Take precautions and make sure YOU are HURRICANE READY TODAY!


Environment, Weather

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