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Preparations For IRENE
Preparations For IRENE

As we all know on the First Coast, Hurricane Season is WELL under way!

With Tropical Storm Irene intensifying extremely rapidly and making it's was towards the Caribbean with it's projected path towards Florida, it is time to start thinking about YOUR HURRICANE SAFETY PLAN.

It is never to late to make preparations, no matter how big or small. Whether you plan to Evacuate, or stay home and "Ride Out The Storm" as locals would say, simple things can be done to prepare for a storm and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and as comfortable as possible in these conditions.

If you plan to EVACUATE, take into consideration the amount of fuel you have in your vehicles NOW! After a storm hits, fuel is in HIGH demand and of LOW supply, so it is best to fill up before you expect the worst. Also keep in mind the route you will take to avoid a storm, the supplies you might need for your time away, and where you will go until the storm blows over.  Simple preparations such as these can make evacuation go much smoother.

If you plan to STAY and "Ride Out The Storm" there are simple precautionary preparations you can consider taking as well. Think about some basic necessities such as food and water. A simple case or two of bottled water and some non-perishable foods can go a long way during the aftermath of a hurricane. Other simple and inexpensive supplies include candles, flashlights, batteries, and a battery operated radio to stay informed the best you can.

It is always advisable to secure any objects in your yard and around your home that can become projectile in heavy winds. Boarding up the windows to prevent projectiles from striking them and exposing you to the storm is also highly recommended.

The AFTERMATH of a large storm can be devastating, with widespread destruction, and loss of power and communication.

The best way to prepare for this aftermath is to think ahead!

Create a Hurricane Preparation Plan for your home today!

Don't wait until it is TOO LATE!

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