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Child Found With Burn Marks; Mother, Step-Father Arrested

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- A child's mother and step-father are in jail after an abuse investigation that began when the child's grandfather became concerned.

The charging affidavit from the State Attorney's Office lists the details of the investigation into 21-year-old Elanna Joy Glenn and her husband, 50-year-old Terry Paul Glenn.

The investigation began on Sept. 25 when the child's relatives came to pick him up for a trip and noticed he had burn marks on his body.

Police went to investigate, and reported that Elanna Glenn became "defensive and agitated" to the point she had to be handcuffed.

"I don't have to ****ing tell you anything," the affidavit quotes her as saying before she said her son is "a bad child, he spits in my face, he calls me b****, and drives me crazy."

She also reportedly said, "If I wanted to kill him I already would have," and described herself as a good mother who would never hurt her child.

She also said, according to the affidavit, that she hadn't taken her son to the hospital for treatment of his wounds because, "If I took him to the hospital I would end up in jail."

She reported that the wounds had been caused when an iron fell on the child.

The victim's aunt told investigators, also according to the affidavit, that she had seen Elanna Glenn "punch (victim) in the head as well as smack him and throw him," and that she had seen Terry Glenn "beat (victim) with a switch."

The victim and two other children -- a 16-year-old and an infant -- were taken from the home.

Upon medically checking the victim, investigators found he had first and second degree burns.

"Evidence shows that (victim) has untreated burns on several different parts of his body, including his back, indicating that the burns were deliberately inflicted and not the result of an accident," the investigation concluded, adding,  "he was placed in an environment where the injuries were sustained by his step-father...and his mother...who did nothing to remove him from the environment, report the injuries, or seek medical attention for the injuries."

The Glenns invoked their right to remain silent as they were questioned on Sept. 27.

Both were arrested on felony charges of child neglect and are being held on $250,000 bond.

The victim's grandfather, who initiated the investigation by calling police, spoke briefly with First Coast News today, saying he had no comment.


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