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Report Shows Inconsistencies in 96-year-old Murder Suspect's Story

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- The woman arrested for shooting her nephew to death said she had warned him earlier.

The police report from the St. Augustine Police Department details the conversation officers had with 96-year-old Amanda Rice Stevenson.

The shooting happened Sunday night on John Street.  Stevenson said she and her nephew, 57-year-old John Rice, were the only ones in the house.

The police report indicates she told officers she was sitting in her bedroom when Rice stood in her doorway with something in his hand.


She reportedly then warned him not to come in or she "had something for him."

Stevenson said she was angry with Rice, and that he was "just like his momma."

After Stevenson saw Rice go into his bedroom, she claimed, she walked into the living room to pick up a revolver that "was left for her."

She told officers she then walked to Rice's bedroom door and fired a shot through the slats in the door.  she said she wasn't sure if she had hit him, so she called his name.

Upon hearing no response, Stevenson said she then put the gun back in the living room and went back to her room, locking the door.

Police, however, reported finding the gun "on the property," and Public Information Officer Mark Samson said today there is no evidence of a bullet being fired through Rice's bedroom door.

Stevenson told police she didn't know how the gun ended up outside, and that she knew better than to go outside because the neighbors were out there.

The report concludes by saying the information she provided could only have come from the individual who committed the crime.

Stevenson was arrested for murder and is being held with no bond.


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