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Nease High School Student Places Second in National Teen Safe Driving Contest

Allen D. Nease High School student Brianna MacNaught was selected from nearly 300 high school journalists as a winner in the national Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards to curb distracted driving, earning a prize of $1,000. The Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation, encourages high school journalists to educate their peers about the dangers of texting while driving, to raise awareness about youth traffic safety and empower teens to take on the issues locally.

“Safe driving awareness is important to teens because we sometimes have mindsets that we are invincible and nothing can hurt us. However we do not always realize how little things such as a text message could put a halt to what we thought would be an endless life, “says MacNaught.

“Winning this award means a lot to me because I realize that my generation is the one that has the power to make a change in this world and it is good to know that I have a voice in that generation. I have high hopes that other teenagers like me will speak up and inform each other of the dangers in our lives that we can easily over come.”

Students were challenged to either write an article and have it published in the school paper, or write and produce a news segment and air it for the entire student body to view. Winners were selected with the help of Quill & Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists.

For her submission,

“Spreading the word about the dangers of texting while driving is important to all of us at Allstate. We couldn’t ask for better ambassadors than the student journalists who participated in our program,” said Cathy Mayo, Allstate spokesperson. “Brianna and Allen D. Nease High School should be quite proud of the success they’ve had in leading the conversation with their peers about safer driving habits.”

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens in the U.S. – more than alcohol, drugs, violence and suicide – killing 4,000 teens each year. The Allstate Foundation’s website offers resources for teens to learn more about the issue and interact with one another to raise awareness about smart driving.

Here are five ways everyone can be safer behind the wheel:

  1. Wear a seat belt all the time.
  2. Drive the speed limit.
  3. Limit the number of passengers in your car.
  4. Pull over to make a call or text a friend.
  5. Never drive after drinking alcohol.

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