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Discover the Lighthouse with Behind-the-Scenes Tours
Discover the Lighthouse with Behind-the-Scenes Tours

The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum is launching an exciting new Behind the Scenes tour that gives guests a deeper understanding of how the Lighthouse and its archaeological team are attempting to preserve St. Augustine’s history.

This guided tour provides visitors the chance to view authentic, shipwreck artifacts and parts of the Historic Light Station not available with general admission, including stops in the conservation lab and office of the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program. Here, visitors get a look at artifacts from the American Revolution (Saint Augustine’s British Period) recently recovered from the ocean floor, and learn about the methodologies and preservation processes archaeologists use to recover and conserve these items for future research and education.

“This tour is a great opportunity to show guests the work our maritime archaeologists do identifying, recovering, and preserving artifacts,” said Paul Zielinski, Museum Educator at the Lighthouse. He added, “Our goal is for visitors to leave with a greater appreciation for the work that goes into discovering and protecting these items.”

In addition, each tour gives an in depth look into the story of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and its connection to the founding of the United States, as well as little-known facts about the Lighthouse’s museum exhibits. Visitors will also experience life as a keeper in the late 1800s and of course, enjoy the opportunity to climb the 219 steps to the top of the tower to take in the beautiful view from 140 feet above ground.

For more information, including dates and times, please call Paul Zielinski, Museum Educator, at (904) 829-0745, Ext 201. Reservations are welcome.

The First Light Maritime Society’s archaeological program, LAMP, is dedicated to the investigation, interpretation and better understanding of the maritime history and archaeology of St. Augustine. Through historical research and scientific study of shipwrecks and other maritime archaeological sites, LAMP seeks to engage local and visiting communities while exploring the dynamic story of the oldest port city in America. For more information on LAMP, please visit, visit the Saint Augustine Light Station, or contact Chuck Meide, LAMP’s Senior Archaeological Director at (904) 829-0745.

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