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Economy Forcing Small Businesses Close Doors
Economy Forcing Small Businesses Close Doors

PALATKA, FL- A hot, made the way you like it, breakfast has always been a traditional way to start the day in Palatka. There is nothing like walking into a small town diner where everyone knows your name in the morning and having a hot cup of coffee, a warm smile, and a delicious breakfast made just the way you like it.

These warm small town traditions are becoming a thing of the past in Palatka.The economy is having a harsh impact on small businesses and “mom & pop” restaurants in the area forcing them to close their doors for good.

In early July the City Café in Downtown Palatka closed its doors for the last time. The City Café operated out of the Old City Drug Store dating back to the 1950’s. The diner was a truly delightful place to have breakfast, and was a devastating loss to locals who have enjoyed breakfast and lunch Downtown for many years. The owner did not want to close the business as she was very passionate about it, but blames their closure to tough economic times.

Most recently Jerry’s Drive In, which has been part of Palatka’s history since 1965, closed its doors to the public as well. It was Saturday morning and I arrived at Jerry’s to have breakfast, as it is a ritual, and there stood a crowd of confused and disappointed breakfast seekers. They stated that they has no warning of any type of closing, and had eaten there just days earlier.

The reason that Jerry’s Drive In closed still remains a mystery to the public, and the hope of them re-opening still uncertain.

One thing is certain, times are tough, people are losing their jobs at record rates in an already struggling job market and economy, and small businesses such as City Café and Jerry’s Drive In are feeling the harsh impact, and even closing their doors for good. 

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