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Florida Legislators Want to Reform Personal Injury Protection Insurance
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- If you drive a car in Florida you are required to have personal injury protection, PIP, this mandatory insurance has been required since 1972.

But now there's a move to change it. The state's insurance commissioner says the no fault insurance is riddled with fraud and bogus claims.

"It's like whack a mole. You close it down one place and it pops up somewhere else. They're very proficient at finding those weaknesses."

Kevin McCarthy said the system is costing Floridians hundreds of millions of dollars on their car insurance premiums. The Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater agrees and says it's time to fix it or flush it.

"You can't keep throwing consumers to the wolves"

Atwater said the frequency of crashes is down in Florida, but PIP payments are up 70 percent in just the last two years. Change is necessary.

"It is a very bad thing for consumers"

Jacksonville attorney Eddie Farah says getting rid of PIP is putting consumers at a disadvantage.

"It is a system that protects, it is a safety net."

He says it not only covers medical treatment, but it reimburses lost wages.

"You're gonna have a lot of people who don't have health insurance and no wage reimbursement while recovering from an accident."

Farah says consumers need to contact their legislators to save the PIP system, but the state's chief financial officer argues PIP reform will give honest drivers a break on their auto insurance rate.




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